For more than ten years Griffin has been publishing magazines, newspapers and websites in the medical-scientific area.

In aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery, the publication of reference is Tabloid di Medicina Estetica, a four-monthly tabloid of clinical and professional news born in 2017, while the magazine dermo is aimed at specialists in dermatology.

Under the historical brand Acta Medica, now Griffin's books division, the Publisher publishes specialized and university volumes for the training and updating of the aesthetic physician, the plastic surgeon and his team.

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Aestethic mammaplasties

“We have produced this manual with the purpose of demonstrating, in a simple and intuitive way, the cosmetic breast surgery techniques that we believe are the most valid. This book has therefore been organized in an essential and practical way and any direct historical-bibliographical reference has been purposely avoided. Some basic stages of the various operations have been intentionally repeated in several chapters (for example, those concerning anesthesiological techniques, although proposed in alternative ways), so that readers can always find the complete solution to the case that interests them without having to flick from one part of the book to another for specific details. From time to time, in order not to be boring we have dwelled upon a particular technical aspect and have overlooked others. In short, the style is the same as in a cookery book where the “recipes” are the operations and the “dish” is…the patient!.”

Giovanni Botti, M.D.

The Tuberous breast

“Surgical correction of the tuberous breast is one of the most challenging in breast surgery. The challenges include restoration of volume, especially in the lower pole, correction of areola changes, and most difficult, matching the two breasts in size, shape, and nipple-areola position.
Very clearly Dr. Muti has met these challenges. She has mastered the art and science of aesthetic surgery of the breast. In this monograph, based on a career long passion for excellence and commitment to patient safety, she shares with us her expertise, from the initial patient interview to analysis of both breasts, her surgical technique, and post-operative care. She explains how she has been able to consistently achieve these superior results with minimal morbidity. The techniques are demonstrated well with artwork and operative images.”

Egle Muti, M.D.


Operative strategies

I believe that an individualized selection of the procedures is often more important than a brilliant surgical performance. The specific indications for each procedure are therefore thoroughly discussed before entering the surgical details. The surgical techniques are illustrated by intra-operative pictures in a “step-by step” fashion. I intentionally avoided the use of drawings which can make some steps clearer but are always “artificial” and cannot truly represent the surgical field.
Of course, this book does not intend to review the whole spectrum of surgical techniques. It represents a single surgeon’s view: although obviously incomplete, it reports a homogeneous strategy to plastic surgery of the breast.

Pietro Berrino, M.D.


Midface vol. 1

“This atlas, devised, like the other books in this series, to satifsfy the practical needs of plastic surgeons, mainly aims at suggesting the most modern techniques suited for correcting defects in the midface area. It also adequately describes the most advanced operations for treating age-related imperfections in the surrounding areas of the face. In order to make the following actual section on surgery easier to understand, we thought it was best to write this chapter regarding the particular anatomy of this complex area focusing on specific details. We shall start by depicting the general anatomy of the face and continue by taking the midface area into consideration more specifically.
We firmly believe that a surgical operation can’t be performed correctly, without a thorough knowledge of anatomy.”

Giovanni Botti, M.D.


Midface vol. 2

“The first chapter in this second volume introduces my vision of the ageing process in the midface and its surgical treatment. Many of the theories are similar to those of Giovanni, even with slight “differentiating traits”. One of the aims of this chapter, therefore is to show a different point of view on anti-ageing surgical treatment of the midface, i.e., the use of malar implants. Indeed, twenty years of work with malar implants has given me a great advantage in dealing with this technique and the rare complications that can arise. My fervent opinion is that the application of implants is extremely helpful and gives generous results in rejuvenation of the midface. In the past few years many papers have been published which implicate the loss of volume in these areas as being the fundamental cause of ageing. From this we can deduce that the addition of external volume, besides fat grafting, can in many cases represent an optimal solution for this problem.”

Mario Pelle Ceravolo, M.D.



Aestethic Mammaplasties + The Tuberous Breast + Operative strategies: 475 euro


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