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Welcome to NeverStopLearning.TV – the future for your Breast Surgery training and updating. We are very proud of this project that is looking towards the future and offering online, on hand video teaching, live surgery and all that you will expect to allow you to keep up with the latest technology and techniques in Breast Surgery. This will be an opportunity for you – listening and learning from some of the best surgeons in the International field that will be collaborating with Maurizio Bruno Nava on this project.

Build up your own library, always available at the click of a mouse, and tune in on some interactive live surgery sessions that will be available during the year. Collaborations, starring guest teachers during the year, will increase the variety of content available for the community. Scientific research and important studies will also be featured.

Join the community and be part of something new and stimulating. Let’s create the future in Breast Surgery together and since your opinion matters – let’s hear your voice. More info at hello[@]neverstoplearning.TV



G.Re.T.A. was pleased to participate to an extraordinary online educational project for breast Oncoplastic surgeons called Breastics24h.


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Frequently Asked Questions

NeverStopLearning.TV is an instrument, a tool that will allow you to improve your techniques and knowledge thanks to the content that has been created by Doctor Maurizio Bruno Nava and some of the best surgeons in the world.
Video, audio and detailed insights available anytime and anywhere in the palm of your hand.

The NeverStopLearning.TV project launches in the beta version the 28th November 2020
To join the community, please write to a [email protected] and we will get back to you.

Basic membership will be free. Updates and new content will be uploaded during the year. We will also offer some special content and education, that will have a payment requirement. You can request all the details via email at [email protected]


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