‏World’s Women Surgeons Interview 

During the MBN 2021 Oncoplastic Breast Meeting held in Milan in December 2021, we decided to interview female surgeons from the East of the World, asking about the use of oncoplastic breast surgery (OPBS) in their Countries, the training in OPBS, the level of awareness of women about OPBS and proposals to improve the level of awareness of both women and surgeons on OPBS.

‏Follow the experience of:

Alla Kartasheva - Russian Federation

‏Jamila Al Azhri - Saudi Arabia

‏Nahid Nafissi - Iran

‏Geeta Kadayaprath - India

‏Mu Lan - China

Yuko Asano - Japan

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Nahid Nafissi - Iran


Jamila Al Azhri - Saudi Arabia


Alla Kartasheva - Russian Federation